Cover Art by Christa Douyard

Album Preview:

Guided Imagery is a song cycle about love, loss, beauty, betrayal, wonder, and mystery.  The music's heartbeat is minimalist, but its soul is grounded in Romanticism.  Featuring the chamber works of Dan Campolieta, Guided Imagery is subtle, beautiful, and powerful.  Order your copy now


Dan Campolieta: Guided Imagery


Recorded June 1-3, 2011

Peabody Conservatory, Studio A, Baltimore, MD

Dan Campolieta, pianist/composer

Marques Jerrell Ruff, bass-baritone

Dylan Armstrong, oboe

Tom Cooke, clarinet

Eric Dahlin, cello

Scott Metcalfe, recording engineer

Music by Dan Campolieta (c) 2011

Poetry by Linda Beher (c) 2010